2nd Semester Begins For Bobcats at HCC

Mary Beth Sullivan, Staff Writer

Students who are taking classes at Harford Community College have started their second semester classes this week on Monday, January 31, 2022. HCC has been on winter break since early December and now have begun their courses for the last half of the school year. 

Half day seniors who are taking classes at HCC this year recommend taking general classes that will benefit you in multiple ways. This is beneficial for students who are undecided on their major but still want to get college credits and prepare for college. 

“A class like speech is a good class to take since it’s generally used in all areas.” explained Evan Snodgrass, a half day senior. 

Juniors, along with other underclassmen, are in the process of choosing their classes for the 2022-2023 school year. As they choose their classes, they should take into account the workload and which type of day would work the best for them (half, one and a half, full). 

“I totally recommend taking half days. I took half days so I could take classes at HCC and get college credits.” said Kelsey Taylor, a half day senior. 

The guaranteed college credits are a big consideration regarding choosing to take classes at HCC. Students who are dual enrolled (earning both a high school and college credit at HCC) enjoyed taking a graduation required class there instead of facing an AP exam.  

“College classes can be harder to manage than regular classes, but you get the college credit without having to take an AP test.” said half day student, Faith Sweeney. 

Seniors who are taking half days in order to take classes at the college are able to continue receiving college credit for second semester, while juniors are preparing for their senior year workload and schedules.