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Safer Online Suggestions for Summer

Our final Tech Tuesday entry for the year!
Aster M
Safe Enriching Games For Kids

The internet is not always a safe place for children to be unsupervised. However, kids may feel outcasted by not having access to any form of online interaction for kids. Another not-so-fun fun fact is that most platforms for kids are not safe! Unfortunately, on some applications such as “YouTube Kids”, inappropriate content can, and often does, slip through supposed “child-safe” restrictions.

However, there are some great options for kids and young people online for those that wish to participate. Here are some kid friendly sites & games to check out:

  • Roblox (.com); Roblox is a very popular online game platform. It gives kids many possibilities and allows parents to completely turn the in-game chat feature off. Make sure you have chat turned off in the settings (scroll down to the bottom of this support page to figure out how to do that).
  • Good Pizza, Great Pizza; An offline pizza making game that helps with reading, motor skills, and is genuinely fun for all ages (com)
  • Toca World (com) & Avatar World (pazugames.com) are offline games that allow players to explore their creativity via imaginative play.
  • MySims (EA Games) & Littlest Pet Shop (EA Games), or similar DC-Rom games, while older video games, still allow kids to explore a complex story in an offline world. Players, children especially, don’t need amazing graphics or unlimited possibilities to have fun.
  • Minecraft (net); Minecraft is a popular game for all ages. Similar to Roblox, it allows you to turn off chat completely. However, you likely won’t even need to do so if signing up for an account for children as to even access online play with other people, they would need a server IP to join.

What are the pros & cons of online chat? Well, one pro is that it helps kids socialize, get more efficient at typing and literacy, and become used to online spaces. The cons are that it easily can get out of hand and possibly allow a groomer to get in contact with your child. However, teaching proper online safety tactics can help avoid such a possibility.

Other forms of adapting motor and literacy skills (and possibly even social skills via non-playable characters) can also be done via handheld consoles such as a Nintendo DS or a LeapPad.

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In the end, it’s parents’ and teens’ personal choice in how they use the internet. Hope you have a safe and happy summer!