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Say Hello to Summer! Ideas to Get You Started

As the school year comes to an end, many students may find themselves unsure how to spend their summer break. However, there are plentiful activities to do instead of doomscrolling on social media or bed rotting. Some of these alternatives include:

Summer Activities
Participate in community events.
Check out local conventions

A good resource is Fancons as it stays up to date with all the newest conventions and presents it in a convenient format.

Do something you enjoy

Doing something you enjoy can improve your happiness, productivity, and mental health.

Try something new

Such as gardening, baking, or even making sculptures out of trash.

Enhance your learning

Read a Book, watch a documentary or video essay, take up a summer class.

Make some Art

Complete a month-long daily art challenge.

Get a summer job

Summer Jobs can be important for gaining experience and getting yourself productive. Doing manual labor is good for your mental health.

Go outside

Go on a vacation; participate in sports; Go Fishing; Go Camping

There is no single way to enjoy your summer. Whatever way you decide to spend it, don’t mull over the possibilities or “wasted time.” That time is yours to enjoy, not regret.

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