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The Bellarion

Toss Those Caps: Grads Say Goodbye

The Rose Arch tradition still stands at Bel Air High School thanks to our Fine Arts department. (Laura Willhelm)

Our Bel Air High School Class of 2024 turned their tassels and launched their caps on Thursday, May 31, officially completing their high school journey and beginning their adulthood.  

Principal Rob DeLeva opened with a warm welcome and presented the traditions of graduation for the ceremony’s beginning. Our very own Counterpoints also performed both our Alma Mater and Seeking Light by Brandon Williams to bookend DeLeva’s speech.  

The 2024 Valedictorian was An Tran, who delivered a beautiful speech to this year’s graduates. Many students watched through the HCPS YouTube channel, including Sophomore Emma Duvall, who felt Tran’s speech was “incredibly inspiring and moving, even as a sophomore who’s two years away from her place.” After Tran’s speech, Senior Class President Dawood Muhammad Rauf gave his own address, while Ms. Megan Lukasavage gave her teacher address as the 2024 representative.  

The President, Vice President, and various members of the Board of Education joined staff on stage for the presentation of diplomas, shaking hands with every senior as they crossed paths from high school to adulthood and unlocked the gates of possibility. Many guests, including County Executive Robert Cassilly and Harford County Superintendent Sean Bulson watched as our students celebrated their triumphs. 

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As students donned their various cords, stoles, and sashes, we’re reminded of all the effort of the past 4 years that led them to this point. As they throw their caps in the air, they release their triumphs into the world and begin their journey.

We are so proud of the Class of 2024 and are looking forward to seeing everything they can do in the coming years. Class of 2025, you’re next!