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The Bellarion

The Bellarion

ITS Inductions Pave the Way for Future Thespians

Images Courtesy of Karina Redding

Bel Air High School’s International Thespian Society welcomed 17 new members this past Tuesday, May 7th. The induction ceremony included a formal recognition of new members that have accumulated 20+ ITS points over the seasons. ITS points can be earned from attendance on tech days and one’s position in the company. 

Each inductee was given an ITS name after a characteristic or memorable moment from their time in the company. Inductees are as follows:

Capri “Sun” Blankenship 

Benjamin “Spawn-point” Bridgeman 

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Brooke “Cartwheel Queen” Burstein

Maya “Marry me?” Cavolo 

Allyson “Mama Bear” Crites 

Zachary “Crockpot” Gwiazda 

Amber “Schmamber Schmarkins” Harkins 

Noah “Tech no wait cast” Jett 

John “Errand King” Keating 

Audrey “Songbird” Klein 

Emma “Where’s Corrine?” Klein 

Megan “Mega-sarus” McCashland

Oliver “Ozwald” Michael 

Jack “Duckie” Rutledge 

Nicki “Card-shark” Sullivan 

Rowen “Que?” Taylor

Ryan “Fist-Bump” Tormollen

Congratulations to all new members and their success within the 2023-2024 seasons! The Bel Air Company is sure to shine in the hands of these talented individuals.