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2024 Edition of Reverie Encourages to Turn the Light Back On 


It’s that time of year! The 2024 edition of Reverie is here! Reverie, our school’s literary arts magazine, is a student run publication that includes student submitted poetry, short stories, art and photography. Editors-in-chief, Seniors Mackenzie Cooney and Aubrey Klarman, run weekly meetings on Tuesday afternoons where student staff members edit and praise student work to decide what makes the publication, with the help from advisors Holly Olive (Media) and Christin Orth (English). The work then gets sent back to the authors for revision and they choose what changes will be made to their work.  

This year’s book features work from 14 different authors and 18 different artists. The theme of the book can be described as the progression of life from the rise to the fall to rising once again. The cover is a photo of a staircase by Aidan Zajicek with the back cover featuring a lightbulb art piece by Mackenzie Cooney with the words “the light can always be turned back on,” alluding to the theme. 

Copies of the book are available in all the English classrooms and the library for reading. The Bellarion would like to send congratulations to all published students and editors! 

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