Checkmate! Chess Club Up and Running this Winter

Chess Club started up again this year and meets in the Media Center.


Ellie Harris

Junior Tyler Kirk focuses during a chess match in the Media Center.

Kaylee Alderson, Staff Writer

Bel Air High School offers a lot of clubs for students to get involved with, ranging from volunteering to simply making friends, but a club I bet a few of you didn’t know about is Chess Club. It’s a new club (or returning favorite, if you’ve been around that long!) that started up this year and is still welcoming new members.

Tyler Kirk, junior, wants to keep the fun going for everyone. Kirk says the reason he started the club was because “we didn’t have one, so I wanted to get chess lovers involved.”

However, you don’t have to be a chess expert to join this club. Kirk and the Chess Club members are fully willing to help students learn how to play the game, and if you find yourself really good, they even have occasional brackets you can join. Since the club is after school, snacks are also involved to make sure your head is fully in the game, and you don’t even have to bring our own board because there are plenty available for you to play with.

Chess Club member Alicia Nguyen said her favorite part of chess club is hanging out with like- minded people. “Getting to interact with the other students and being able to play games with them [is so fun].”  Iced sugar cookies are also a club favorite snack.

If you are interested in Chess Club and want to be apart of all the fun, they meet in the library every Monday. Come down and check it out!