New Leaders, New Relationships Steer Girls’ Volleyball to Victory

Lady Bobcats’ season is off to a great start!



The Girls’ Volleyball Program at Bel Air High School is led by Varsity Coach Dave Simon (Pictured, Left).

Kaylee Alderson, Staff Writer

Last school year, our Girls’ Volleyball team at Bel Air High School was unstoppable; since then we’ve had some changes in leadership as the graduating class steps down and new players step up in their place.

This season the Lady Bobcats have had some fantastic leaders move into leadership. Megan Cassaday (Senior), Lexi Bell (Senior), and Kayden Hardenbrook (Junior), captains this year, have the mind set to keep motivating the team, make good relationships, and instill confidence in everyone as the season progresses.

So far, the team has started out with a great season, a record of 4-0 overall, 4-0 reginal, and being ranked 3rd in the region, all only a few weeks into the season.

These standings prove the team is transitioning seamlessly! According to Hardenbrook, “This year the team is doing a very good job adjusting considering we’re a very new team. We have some freshman and sophomores who are doing an amazing job and constantly bringing their best on and off the court.”

With the challenge of teams changing every year, its fantastic news that our girls are able to build such strong relationships so fast. The goal is always to make it a great season for everyone. Megan Cassaday, another team captain, has said, “The more we play and practice together, the more we connect becoming a family rather than a team.”

The Bel Air Girls’ Volleyball team is on a great track as their leaders continue to motivate, set good examples, and work extremely hard to keep the team successful. Next up, the varsity girls’ team will play Perryville at Perryville on Friday, September 30th at 5 pm.