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Seeing Olivia Rodrigo is NOT a “bad idea right?” 


Olivia Rodrigo is on her second world-wide tour for her second-studio album, and I had the pleasure of seeing her LIVE in Madison Square Gardens on April 6th . Many note Rodrigo as the “Alanis Morissette of Our Generation” for her style of a mix of angsty pop-rock and emotional ballads. Going into the concert, I tried my best to steer away from any details from the concert so it would be a complete surprise. Here’s my true honest opinion! 

First things first we’ve got to talk about her opener, The Breeders. The Breeders are an alternative-indie rock band with most of their music being from the late 90s into the early 2000s. Personally, I did not enjoy their music, however they did a nice job. I just don’t feel their music matched Rodrigo’s vibe. Rodrigo usually selects artists that she personally loves, but their lyrics just very clearly lacked in comparison with Rodrigo’s.  

Rodrigo’s set included music from her first hit album, Sour, and her second, Guts. It was really refreshing to see an artist include so much music from their first album, even though it was the “GUTS: World Tour”. She sang 13 songs from Guts and 9 from Sour, alternating between her different kinds of music, which as a listener was so helpful for the vibe of the event. Since she goes between hyped up music and sad music. 

The stand-out performances of the evening were “teenage dream”, “logical”, and “get him back!”. In “teenage dream”, a beautiful ballad about the fears of fulling an adult-like role, Rodrigo sat at her piano has photos and videos of her when she was little went through a slideshow in the background. The images really helped show the power of the song and the feelings of not wanting to leave that little girl behind in the past. During “logical”, Rodrigo was quite literally sitting on a moon, floating around MSG and it was just a cool, interesting detail. Rodrigo finished her show with “get him back!” which was such an angsty fun way to end the show. 

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Rodrigo’s energy and love for her music was infectious. She hosted a very enjoyable show, and it’s just the beginning of her career! If you have the chance to catch one of Rodrigo’s upcoming shows, DON’T MISS OUT!!