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The Bellarion

The Bellarion

Bel Air Students Bring Joy and Creativity With Crafts for the Elderly


  On Friday December 15, 2023, the English IV class took a walking field trip in downtown Bel Air to the assisted living center. The English class is learning about process writing and Mrs. Willhelm, the English teacher, thought it would be great for the students to do a “process” with the elderly since crafting has a process to it. The trip counts as dual purpose since the students also got service hours. 

  While at the center, the English students did festive crafts. They could make a snowman luminary with mason jars and LED lights, or a snowflake made from puzzle pieces. The students explained the process of how to create the crafts to the elderly women. They helped paint and glue pieces to create the perfect masterpiece for the elderly women to hang up in their room.

 The Bel Air students shared hot chocolate and chuckles with the elderly throughout their time there. They had so much fun that they wish to come back later in the year for other activities. Overall, the field trip was very successful and enjoyable to all.   

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