2023 NFL Draft: Biggest Shockers and Steals


Emma Duvall, Sports Writer

 The 2023 NFL Draft came to an end this past Saturday, April 29. There were some shockers that no NFL fan would’ve expected. Starting off in the first round, everyone pretty much expected Bryce Young to go number one overall and he did.  

The first round of the draft had many surprises, but there were many steals for some teams. Starting off with Bryce Young, many coaches and hosts of sports shows expected him to go first overall, Young did not disappoint. After putting up record setting numbers at his career at Alabama, he was Alabama’s first player to go drafted number one overall.  He was drafted to the Carolina Panthers.

Many other hosts expected quarterback Will Levis to go very early in the draft. Things didn’t go as planned for the young star. He ended up going second overall in the second round (pick 33). Holding the second overall pick in the draft, the Houston Texans selected C.J. Stroud, quarterback from Ohio State.  

Right after picking Stroud, the Arizona Cardinals traded their third pick to the Texans to pick back-to-back. A very risky move by the Texans. They ended up picking Will Anderson, an outside linebacker, from Alabama. Another shocker, the Atlanta Falcons drafting a running back from Texas. The Falcons needed extra help, especially on their offensive line.  

The Lions drafted a running back as their first pick in the draft, even though they already have a star in that position. That shocked a lot of people. Jahmyr Gibbs out of the University of Alabama was their first pick. 

Joey Porter Jr., a cornerback, went in the second round, after being projected to go early to mid-first round. He put up amazing numbers in his career at Penn State. Safety, Brian Branch, as well out of Alabama. He ended up falling to the second round being picked by the Detroit Lions. That shocked millions, many people expected him to go later in the first round. The New York Jets had just got Aaron Rodgers right before the draft, making a huge move at the quarterback position. 

People thinking they’d draft a wide receiver; they ended up drafting an edge rusher, Will McDonald out of Iowa State. Out of UGA, Nolan Smith an edge, he ended up going 30 overall. To a surprise to some, he was projected to fall midway through the first round.  

Now we all know that San Francisco can do some dumb things sometimes, embarrassing themselves in the playoffs. Losing 31-7 in the NFC Championship to the Philadelphia Eagles, Super Bowl 57 runner ups. Back to the draft, the 49ers drafted a kicker on day 2. Yeah, pretty early for a kicker. Most kickers and punters fall to the 5,6 and seventh round or don’t even get drafted at all.  

Now with the draft being over, all the young stars will have a chance to prove their spot on the field.