2018 Boys’ Volleyball Preview

Angel Whitaker

The 2018 Boys’ Volleyball season has just recently begun, and they are already off to a fantastic start for being a brand-new team. This new team works well together and they all have the same goal, playing their absolute best while still having fun.

This year’s team has many fresh faces joining for the new season. These include sophomores Brandon Kestner, Jaymes Carrier, and Jacob Harris. The new juniors include Jack Thompson, Sean Conway, Micah Ernest, Jordan Reiswig, and Jeremy Ginley.

The returners of the teams include seniors Colin Bailey, Joel Duzan, Garrett Hanley, Shy-Ello Mosley and Junior, Dean Dugan.

“I’m really excited for this season. We are off to a great start after winning all of our scrimmages during preseason and our first regular season game” said Jack Thompson, new Varsity player.

During preseason, the team won all their games. Their first regular season game was at Patterson Mill, where they defeated the Huskies, winning all 3 sets.

“I’m very happy to be managing again this year! I managed last year and had a blast. I enjoy watching the boys play, improve their skills and grow as a team. I have a feeling this season will go extremely well, considering our standings as of right now”, states Varsity Manager, Haley Wieciech.

Last year, the Bobcats won 12 games out of 13. The team was undefeated for most of the season until a rematch with C. Milton Wright. This year’s team is looking to play great and go even farther this season.

“I believe this team has a lot of potential and that we will go far this season. I am very excited to now be playing on varsity and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish as a team!” said Micah Ernest, another new varsity player.

While the team did lose some key seniors last year, they still are loaded up with talent and will hope to match or even better the fantastic season they had the previous year.