Part Time vs Full Time

Blake Lioi

If you’re a junior, have you been considering whether or not to do part-time next year? Here are some reasons why part-time may or may not be for you.

Why should you take part-time? Well, if you already have all your necessary credits, and you think that coming to school to take extra classes is a waste of time, then part-time is perfect for you.

Part-time is a great way to get a head start on college and to begin to experience in a working environment. It’s also really nice because on those occasional days where you don’t have work or a class, you can just go home and relax or catch up on some school work that you have collected through the week.

Part-time student, Connor Ostadali had to say this about taking half-days “Half-days are great if you have all of your credits and just need a few more. It’s nice after taking full days for 11 years in-a-row to have a break from school every day. Its makes it much more enjoyable to come to school and the opportunities that you can take after school are endless.”

Full-time is also great to do because it helps you catch up on credits that you still need and there are just so many interesting classes that you can take, here, at Bel Air High school. It’s also nice because if you don’t want to work just yet, or you don’t want or are not planning to go to college, it keeps you a bit busy throughout the week.

Full-time student, Tim Wisniewski had to say this about coming to school full-time “I am not really interested in working or going to college just yet, so I decided to just take full-days to keep me busy throughout the week. I also like hanging out with my friends all day throughout school.”

So, when you are an upcoming Senior, what will you choose? Full-time or Part-time?