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How to: Survive an Online Argument


If you’ve been online, you’re aware of the arguments due to many diverse, similar, and opposing opinions being so accessible on a large scale.

There are three main types of mindsets when it comes to arguing, that being, arguing to win, arguing to learn, and arguing to troll.  A 2016 study by Yale University gave groups of participants tasks of arguing to learn vs to win. In which, those arguing to learn, considered truth more subjective rather than objective which is important as hearing another side isn’t the same as seeing another side. No one wants to engage with somebody who won’t listen to them.

While sometimes it is better to flat out block the account as 2 of the mindsets practically only waste energy, it’s always possible they just don’t know better. It might be the fact they were raised that way or don’t know where to look for resources. If you do engage in an online discussion, use passive, not aggressive or accusatory language. The moment you start showing hostile messages the moment they feel unheard and therefore are less engaged in your input.

You also have to accept the fact that you could be wrong, an online debate is a conversation, not a lecture. You also have to be okay with the possibility it will end in an agree to disagree.

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No matter what you do, your time is precious and it’s up to you what you would like to engage with.