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The Bellarion

The Bellarion

Embracing Goals for a Fulfilling 2024

Maya Cavolo

The concept of New Year’s resolutions has long been ingrained in our society, as it represents a fresh start and an opportunity for personal growth. However, the efficacy of such goals is often called into question, as many individuals struggle to follow through with their resolutions beyond the first few weeks. Research suggests that setting realistic and specific goals increases the likelihood of success, while vague aspirations tend to fizzle out quickly.  

In recent years, there has been a shift towards focusing on broader lifestyle changes rather than temporary fixes. This more holistic approach acknowledges that meaningful transformation takes time and effort, requiring commitment and perseverance over an extended period.  

Recognizing the profound impact that goal setting can have over resolutions on individual growth and success, Mrs. Zorbach has taken the initiative to encourage her seniors to write down 2024 goals on stars. She plans to follow the quote “Every day is a new day to thrive!” this year. 

As we embark on another year filled with possibilities and aspirations, let us approach our resolutions with intentionality, taking into account both our individual capacities and societal factors that may hinder or facilitate progress. 

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