Mental Health Matters in Biomed Program


Molly Olschewske, Staff Writer

Mrs. Hamilton’s biomed class is taking a dive into mental health research. In this lesson, they are criticizing a study on mental health literacy that identifies twelfth grade as an important year to identify mental health coping skills and regulation strategies. The goal of the study is to find new ways to help them outside of school, promote mental wellness, and healthy coping skills.  

Senior biomed student Jocy William’s said, “It is very important that you take your mental health serious.” Her fellow biomed classmate, Senior Ethan Carver said, “I find it refreshing to be learning something this useful in school.” 

If you need any mental health help, do not be scared to schedule a counseling appointment! Just go into your counseling tile on Canvas, click on modules, scroll down, and select a counselor to make an appointment. 

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