The Winter Slump: 10 Ways to Beat the Blahs


Makaila Guerrier, Staff Writer

We are in the second half of the school year. January is a slow month for many. After surveying students of Bel Air, many of them said that the first two months after winter break are the hardest. The days seem to be on repeat where days seem to be no different then the other.  People are waiting for a snow day to have just one day off from the stress. We can all agree this is hard portion of school.   

It’s a slump that many fall victim to. It becomes hard to engage in school because motivation thins. It’s normal to feel unmotivated, which is why we have some ideas to help students, teachers, and staff alike to get through this eerie period.  


A good place to start is with reorganization. It has been a few months since school started, maybe you have papers that have no significance. Go through your folders, binders, and backpacks. Sort out current papers from old papers. Your load will feel a lot lighter when you get rid of old papers. Restock your school supplies. Around this time, the pencil supply gets low. Create lists and check lists of your assignments with due dates so you can remember to do them before it is too late. 

Make a Realistic After School Routine  

The ideal after school routine is to come home around 3pm, eat a snack then start on homework. Have an hour or two to decompress. Eat dinner, shower, and do chores. End the day stress free at 9pm to go sleep. Waking up energized for the next day. However, that’s so unrealistic. Instead, make a routine that works for you. I suggest starting homework first then eating a snack. Once you get comfortable afterschool it’s hard to do your responsibility. Get all your assignments done so you can enjoy the rest of the day. Instead of staying up all night to get an assignment done. Going to bed at 9pm is ideal but try going to bed a little earlier. 

Set Up New Goals  

New goals can give you a new mindset to get through this period. Set up a new goal each week. It does not have to be major goals. Something simple and attainable. Like getting homework done the same day it was assigned.  Or going to sleep earlier.  Smile and complement someone.  Something that will make you feel good and productive.  

Congratulate Yourself 

Every day you have achieved something. Congratulate yourself! Getting up and going to school is something to be proud of. Attending your classes on time is another thing to be proud of. Completing classwork is another. Every day that you come to school and apply yourself in anyway is something to be proud of.  

Reward Yourself 

Along with congratulating yourself, give yourself rewards. After completing an assignment, give yourself a little incentive, such as a chocolate or candy. After each question answered eat a candy to get you going. It is important to have self-restraint from eating the bag. Use it to finish work. A great incentive is a phone break, after completing an assignment.  

Narrow Your To-Do Lists 

For list makers, limit your list to a reasonable amount. If you have a lot to do, it can become overwhelming with all the task staring into your soul. Reduce the list to attainable things to do in that day. Start with the most significant tasks to the least important ones. To-Do lists are supposed to provide satisfaction of things we accomplish, not something that haunts you. 

Chunk assignments 

This is something students and teachers alike struggle with– doing things last minute. When something is due in a few weeks or days, try not to complete it the night before. Start it on that same day, each day add something new to it. The quality will improve, and it will be something you are proud of. Grade papers in the same period the students turn it in. Reduce your load for a stress-free week. 

Limit distractors 

A reason we procrastinate is because we have distractors around us all the time. One common distractor is our cellphones. Limit cellphone use in school. During class keep your phone out of sight so you are not tempted to get on it. Of course, it’s unrealistic to go a whole day without it. Only check it when you finish assignments or if its an appropriate time to do so. 


In these days everyone is tired. We all miss our bed once we get out of it. Get more time with your bed by getting in it earlier. Spending it sleeping and no on your phone. Take care of your brain by going to bed. Staying up on your phone all night is not healthy. Put it down. SLEEP! WHILE YOU STILL CAN! 


At the end of the day, it is you. Take care of yourself. Eat well, be happier, rest, and work hard to become the person you want to be. Make time for yourself because you are a human before a student or teacher. Do things that make you happy while balancing a healthy school life.  

We are almost done the year, Bobcats! Push through it!