How to Navigate Midterm Mania!

Ellie Harris, Staff Writer

Midterm exams are a type of test given to students in the middle of an academic term. Compared to smaller quizzes, tests, or even some papers, midterm exams have a bigger impact on your overall grade for the class.  

Every student has different ways of studying, so there is no foolproof method that works for everyone. Try out the study techniques below to grow your confidence and rock mid-terms out! 

  1. Start early and create a study schedule.

This is obvious right? Don’t cram. Well, when we say start early, we mean it! You should start getting ready for your midterms about a month before the exam. Plan out a schedule of when you will be studying throughout the week. Stick to it! 

  1. Take good notes.

Make sure you take good notes in class and add more information from the textbook after class. 

If your instructor doesn’t give you a study guide, use your notes to create a study guide! The study guide helps you focus on the important information and the information you are having trouble understanding. 

  1. Attend review sessions or have study sessions with friends.

If you professor holds a review session, attend! Make sure to bring questions or topics that you would like them to cover or review 

If your professor doesn’t offer a review session, plan one yourself! Invite your classmates and take turns explaining concepts to each other. Teaching someone else is the best way to review! 

  1. Go to office hours and tutoring.

Now’s the time to start attending tutoring and office hours! Be prepared with questions or topics that you struggle with to go over with your tutor or instructor. 

If you are a bit scared to go, invite a friend! They’ll benefit too! 

  1. Make sure to include self-care time!

Studying can be a full-time job! That’s why its super important to also make time for self-care. Midterms can be a crazy busy time, but you can’t do well on your exams if you aren’t taking care of yourself first! 

Good Luck Bobcats! You got this! 


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