Funky Formal Coming in March!

Join the BAHS community this March 4 for our winter dance!

Makaila Guerrier, Staff Writer

Bel Air High School will be hosting another dance on March 4, 2023, from 7:30pm to 10:30pm in the gymnasium. Tickets are on sale now at schoolcashonline, where they are sold for $20. Outside guests are allowed to attend; however, you need to get a permission slip for that person to gain access to the dance. The theme is “Neon Lights,” and students and staff are expected to be dressed in colorful attire.  

Currently, many students are talking about what others will be wearing to the dance. “It is up to interpretation.” said Ellie Harris, Senior Class Council member. From talk of the students around the school, it appears that some students may be wearing formal dresses with colorful shoes and accessories, where other students are wearing casual wear that is colorful along with the accessories.  

At the dance, there will be activities ranging from photo booths to table games. Food and snacks planned are Chick-Fil-La, Kona Ice, and a candy bar will be available. There will be a DJ and black lights, and students can even complete a form where you may submit appropriate songs you’d like to be played at the dance. 

The Bel Air student council had this idea under their belt for some time before finalizing it this week. They want to host this dance to give the underclassman another dance to attend other than homecoming. They feel it is a great way to boost school spirit in the winter slump. (If you want other ways to boost your motivation and outlook on the winter season, check out our other story called The Winter Slump: 10 Ways to Beat the Blahs!) 

The dance is a great way to connect with your school and friends. The student council can’t wait to see you there!