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Last Quarter of the Year: All The Dates You Need to Know

Start Off Your Last Quarter Prepared for Success!
Last Quarter of the Year: All The Dates You Need to Know

As the 4th quarter approaches, so does mandatory standardized testing, AP testing, and finals. Aside from the testing, for seniors, prom, graduation, and the class trip are ahead! The Bellarion has collected all the Bel Air 4th quarter information in one place to clear all stress and confusion in the upcoming months.  

Standardized Testing 

Standardized testing begins in April and continue into mid may. All standardized testing will happen on the day you have the class usually. The schedule is as follows: 

ELA 10- 

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April 16th and 17th – ELA 10 session 1 

April 18thand 23rd – ELA 10 session 2 

April 22nd and 25th – ELA 10 session 3 

April 24th and 26th – ELA 10 session 4 


Algebra II-  

April 19th and 23rd – Algebra II session 1 

April 22nd and 25th – Algebra II session 2 

April 24th and 26th – Algebra II session 3 

April 29th and 30th – Algebra II session 4 



May 1st and 2nd – Government and MISA session 1 

May 3rd and 6th – Government and MISA session 2 

May 7th, 8th, and 9th – Government and MISA session 3 

May 10th and 13th – Government and MISA session 4 


AP Testing 

AP testing will happen during May from May 6th to May 24th. The dates are as follows: 

May 6th – US Gov and Chemistry  

May 7th – Human Geography and Statistics 

May 8th – English lit + comp and Computer Science 

May 9th – Environmental science and Phycology 

May 10th – US History and Spanish 

May 13th – Calc AB/BC and  

May 15th – French and World history 

May 16th – Spanish and Biology 

May 17th – German and Physics 

May 24th – African American Studies  



Final exams for A1, A2, B1, and B2 will happen June 6th and 7th, and reviews for these exams will happen during the class period before your testing date. Final exams for A3, A4, B3, and B4 will happen June 10th and 11th, and the reviews for these exams will also happen during the class period before your testing date. All class specific final exam details will be given by your teachers as final exams get closer.  


Senior Schedule  

The schedule for the senior class is different due to the end of the year being cut short. The schedule is as follows: 

May 4th – Senior Prom 

May 21st – Graduation Practice and Senior Class Photo 

May 23rd – Seniors Last Day and Senior Sunset 

May 28th – Senior Award Ceremony 

May 30th – Graduation 

This is an ongoing calendar and is subject to change through the 4th quarter.