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English Electives: All About It!


It is close to the end of the year; students, not Seniors, at Bel Air High School have now selected their courses for the next year. There are so many options, from Languages, to Art, to English, there is everything a student could imagine! Speaking of English, let’s look at the various classes you can take next school year.

Creative Writing: 

Creative writing is taught by Ms. Orth. In creative writing, students are given the opportunity to develop their skills in writing through various trends in contemporary poetry, fiction, drama, creative non-fiction, and screenwriting.

Most students at Bel Air High School have been looking for the best chance to express themselves through words and not having to follow a criterion every time they are given an assignment. Creative Writing is the perfect shot to show your vision through any written argument.

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Journalism I, II, and III are taught by Mrs. Willhelm. Journalism I coaches students the basics surrounding the news elements. The news elements revolve around whether the piece includes a headline, a byline, a lead, etc. In Journalism II and III, students have more opportunities to become an actual reporter for the school newspaper, The Bellarion. You will plan, write, and produce complete content for the Bellarion and the social media page for others to read and get more information.

Whether you plan to become a reporter or would just like to produce stories for the public to read, Journalism classes are the best way to show off what you got and are the greatest probability to expand your writing horizons.



Lastly, we have the yearbook class that is taught by Mrs. McCourt. In yearbook, students will acquire skills in page design, publishing techniques, copywriting, editing, and photography. Using these various skills, they will be able to make a creative yearbook that records memories and events for the school years to come.

Participants will have to put their journalism skills to the test. Students will use real world skills in time management, marketing, and design principles with their peers.


As you can see, there are many options and opportunities to broaden your high school career through the English department. Whichever path you choose, it comes with a great amount of responsibility and creativity. Your mind will be your greatest asset as you progress through your next years of school.