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The Bellarion

The Bellarion

Winter Sport Bobcats Climbing to the Top

Winter sports season is concluding this month with many teams headed to playoffs and counties


After a season full of snowed out competitions, busy schedules and long practices the Bobcats finally took the mat Wednesday January 24 at the UCBAC championship. The cats came out on top with a First-place win in the Harford County division and an overall UCBAC championship win.  

The next step for the Bobcats was the Maryland West Regional Competition on February 6th. If the bobcats qualified, they will make it to the 3A state championship and hopefully bring home a win for Bel Air High School.  


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This Wednesday February 7 the Bobcats swim team will be competing at the UCBAC county championship at Magnolia Middle School in Edgewood. The tickets for the event can be found on Go Fan and the event will begin at 5:45.  

Be sure to go out this week and support your bobcats advancing in state competitions! Go Cats!