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A Heated Race for the Cold Months

A Heated Race for the Cold Months


 The 2023-24 NFL Season kicked off on September 7, with the reigning champion Kansas City Chiefs hosting the hot Detroit Lions. Since then, the season has been immensely tight, with new frontrunners entering the conversation each week.  


Weeks 1-4: September Start-Up 

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AFC Frontrunners: Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills 

NFC Frontrunners: Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

 For the first month of the season, we saw many incredible plays and records set, including the Miami Dolphins putting up 70 points against the Denver Broncos in Week 3. 2 teams (Eagles and 49ers) remained undefeated through the first month, while the Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers did not win a single game. All teams mentioned are in the NFC, showing the duality of the conference and the competition that will come.  

 In the AFC, all 4 teams in the South were tied at 2-2, but the Indianapolis Colts took first place due to head-to-head record and conference record. The heavily awaited Broncos sat at 1-3, disappointing all expectations for the team behind new quarterback Russell Wilson. Aaron Rodgers, the star-studded QB of the New York Jets was ready to send the team towards a successful season until he suffered a gruesome leg injury and was ruled out indefinitely.  


Weeks 5-8: October Obstacles  

AFC Frontrunners: Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Baltimore Ravens 

NFC Frontrunners: Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers 

 The 49ers have hit a bit of a slump in October, dropping to 5-3 after starting 4-0, while the Eagles have kept their momentum at 7-1. The NFC features many dark horses, lurking in the shadows. The Seahawks and the Lions may not have the most threatening presence in the standings, but they are consistently winning games, both sitting at 5-2. However, the NFC South sees the 4-4 Atlanta Falcons leading the division, with the 4-4 New Orleans Saints and the 3-5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers not far behind.  

The AFC has remained predictable, with the Chiefs, Dolphins, Ravens, and Bills maintaining 6-2 and 5-3 records and sitting in the playoff picture. However, the Jacksonville Jaguars, after starting 1-2, have won 5 in a row and skyrocketed to the 3 seed at 6-2. The AFC North is dominating the standings, with the 4-3 Steelers and Browns sitting in the Wild Card, meaning 3/4 teams from the division hold playoff spots. Halfway through the season, the middle of the divisions are beginning to show signs of struggle. 


Weeks 9-12: November Nonsense 

AFC Frontrunners: Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars 

NFC Frontrunners: Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, Detroit Lions 

 Let’s take a look at the middle of the league. We have 4 teams at 6-5, 2 at 6-6, and 5 at 5-6. That’s 11 teams that are separated by just 1 game. The biggest story of November is the Denver Broncos revenge tour, winning 5 in a row and sitting as one of the 6-5 teams. CJ Stroud has been leading the Houston Texans on a hot streak, also sitting at 6-5.  

In the NFC, the South is still being decided by 1 game, and the once hot Bills are sitting at 6-6, and out of the playoffs. The Eagles remain top dog at 10-1 and on a 5 game win streak. Towards the bottom of both leagues is the 1-10 Carolina Panthers squad and the 2-10 Arizona Cardinals. However, the once 2-8 New York Giants have won 2 straight under new QB Tommy DeVito, sitting 4-8 going into their bye week.  


Weeks 13-14: December Dramatics 

AFC Frontrunners: Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars 

NFC Frontrunners: Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Detroit Lions 

 In the current state of the league, the NFC has 6 teams at 6-7 all in the hunt for a Wild Card playoff spot. The AFC has 6 teams at 7-6, all in the hunt for a Wild Card playoff spot. Crazy stuff.  

The 1 seeds are currently being held by the Baltimore Ravens and the Dallas Cowboys after Dallas dethroned the Eagles and defeated them at home. However, there are 3 NFC teams sitting at 10-3, an incredible feat, after both the Cowboys and the 49ers extended their 5 game winning streaks.  

The Kansas City Chiefs have fallen short to 8-5, while the Buffalo Bills are resurging at 7-6.  

At Week 14, the playoff picture is crazier then ever, with at least 10 teams easily in the hunt in both conferences. Will our hometown Ravens take home the 1 seed? Will the reigning Chiefs continue to fall? Will the underdog Jaguars and Lions maintain their place in the playoffs? We’ll find out in the last month of the madness-filled 2023-24 NFL season.