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Seniors Take Back the Game

Powderpuff 2023 ended with success for seniors!
Deanna Smith

On Monday, November 13, the annual Powderpuff football match took place, with the Seniors taking the trophy home in a nail-biting finish.  

According to playfulfootball.com, Powderpuff games became increasingly popular in the 1970s, with the name originating from powder that women apply to their face. A flag football approach rather than traditional tackle football allows teamwork and strategy to overpower sheer force.  

Bel Air High School’s Powderpuff tradition has excited Juniors and Seniors for years, allowing the upperclassmen to participate in their own sporting event. Juniors wore blue, Seniors wore pink, and the boys had their pom-poms. With practices for weeks courtesy of coaches like Jordan Engle, Gary Mann, Aiden Valentin, Jonathan Zylka, and Colin Laubach, the stage was set for another great Powderpuff.   

A Junior Coach, Jordan Engle, feels coaching was a “great experience, with our Junior 2 Team showing a lot of heart.” Although the Juniors came up short, Engle is ready for them to “come back and win the chip.” 

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The first game was the two Junior teams facing off, and Junior Team 2 came out on top with good performances from Emerson Schiller, Sydney Kennedy, Hailey DeGraw, and Paige Feick. With a final score of 21-7, they were ready to battle it out with the winning seniors. 

As the two Senior teams battled, stellar performances from Gianna Dawson and Brooke Hopkins saw a final score of 14-14, a tie! So the Juniors and Seniors combined to form the All-Star teams, facing off in the finale.  

But first, the cheerleaders delivered a wonderful halftime show as students like Seniors Owen Conway and Brett Conway, and Juniors Ben Gaughan and Yianni Makris fired up the crowds.  

For the final battle, it was a tight 7-7 game as the Seniors were looking to get the game-winning score. However, an interception by Junior Emerson Schiller halted their momentum and saw the time run out, taking us to a final tiebreaker. With only one play, Senior Gianna Dawson sprinted through the competition and scored the game winning touchdown, giving the Seniors another Powderpuff win.  

Senior Mackenzie Leeson, starting center, knows everyone “wasn’t just there to win, but to have fun and enjoy being in each other’s company. We made a lasting memory!” Seniors are glad that their final year will include a Powderpuff victory. 

In addition to the game, many students contributed to the Thanksgiving in a Basket food drive, bringing canned goods with their ticket. Everyone who contributed both attending and fundraising the game had a huge impact on the success of this year’s event. Powderpuff marks the official end of the Fall Sports Season, so enjoy your break, and get ready for some Winter coverage!