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Eagerly Awaited BADC Fall Show Cast List Unveiled

Eagerly Awaited BADC Fall Show Cast List Unveiled

The highly anticipated cast list for the Bel Air Drama Company’s fall production “The Skin of Our Teeth” is finally out! This Tony Award-winning play by Thornton Wilder has been given new life with an incredibly talented lineup. This year’s cast has a mix of seasoned actors and rising stars taking on these iconic roles. From the quick-witted Sabina to the unconventional Mr. Antrobus, every character seems perfectly matched with their performer.  

Mr. Antrobus – Benjamin Bridgeman 

Mrs. Antrobus – Maggie Donahue 

Sabine – Sophie Powell 

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Gladys – Serenity Wancowicz 

Henry – Drew Opdyke 

Fortune Teller – Chole Morris 

FitzPatrick – Jamie Luber  

Announcer – Adrian Raborg 

Dinosaur/Ensemble – Brooke Burstein 

Mammoth/Ensemble – Maya Cavolo 

Telegraph Messenger/Ensemble – Soumaya Brown 

Judge Moses/Ensemble – Liam McAllister  

Homer/ensemble – Jack Rutledge 

Miss E. Muse /Ensemble – Meghan Melcher  

Miss M. Muse /Ensemble – Audrey Klein 

Miss T. Muse /Ensemble – Elon Nolan 

Bingo Caller/Ensemble – Zoe Jergensen 

Broadcast official/Ensemble – Ethan Folmer 

Mr. Tremayne/Ensemble -Jack Varaly 

Fred Bailey/Ensemble – Max Folmer 

Hester/Ensemble – Autumn Taylor 


Alice Morrison, Sophia Lee, Austin Forsythe, Suzanne Schmaus, Luke Sperring, Emily Shrader, Olivia Davis, Addie Davis, Ryan Tormollen 

Along with the cast list, production staff and the BADC student council for this show have been released! The production staff consists of the heads of tech, including stage managers, make-up artists, technical crew, etc. Their expertise and creativity are crucial in shaping the most important aspects of the production – from set design & lighting to sound effects and costume choices. Their tireless efforts behind the scenes ensure that each performance runs smoothly and captivates audiences! 

Production Staff: 

PSM – Dan Morelli 

ASM – Kenzie Cooney 

Production Assistant – Zachary Gwiazda 

Assistant Set Designer – Avery Carroll 

Associate Set Designer – Fletcher Livingston 

Artistic Designer – Emily John 

Assistant Artistic Designer – Rowen Taylor 

House Manager – Keira Coronel 

Assistant House Manager – Maya Cavolo 

Assistant House Manager – Drew Opdyke 

Assistant House Manager – Shae Ward 

Properties Chief – Shae Ward 

Assistant Properties Chief – Megan McCashland 

Sound Designer – Aubrey Klarman 

Assistant Sound Designer – Capri Blankenship 

Assistant Sound Designer – Nicki Sullivan 

Lighting Designer – Jenny Levy 

Make-up Artist – Selena Sembly 

Assistant Make-up Artist – Karina Redding 

Assistant Make-up Artist – Amber Harkins  

Costume Designer/Manager – Sophia Davids  

Assistant Costume Designer/Manager – Isis Mullennax 

Equally deserving of recognition is the BADC student council. Comprised of dedicated individuals elected by their peers, this council serves as a bridge between the cast and crew, ensuring effective communication and collaboration throughout rehearsals and performances. They act as advocates for their fellow students’ ideas and concerns while also providing valuable support 

Student Council 

Chloe Morris, Drew Opdyke, Adam Kindley, Megan McCashland, Sophie Powell, Shae Ward, Ethan Folmer, Capri Blankenship, Audrey Klein, Brett Conway  

Congratulations to all!