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The Bellarion

The Date Everyone Knows

September 11 is memorialized yearly here at BAHS.

There is a date everyone knows. It began at 8:46 a.m. on September 9, 2001, and continues to have long-lasting effects on our country.  An event that the whole world knew about within minutes.  The devastation is so vast that you never know who was impacted through this catastrophic event. You could be walking down the street and pass someone who lost a colleague, parent, or even a friend.

Every year Bel Air High School does our best to remember the lives lost on this day. The members of SGA arrive at school at 6:30 a.m. to place flags in the grass to honor the lives we lost on this horrific day.  

SGA is ran by our very own, Mr. Timothy Roth. He has participated in this flag tradition since 2013. When asked how it started, he told us “There was a young lady who became president of the Student Government, and she was a real go getter. It was her who came up with the idea to honor those from 9/11. She was just an amazing young woman, and she was the one who got the flag thing going.” This young woman’s name was Christina McIntyre, and we have continued this flag tradition, with this year marking 10 years since she started it.   

Roth told us about the impact that the flags have had on him over the years. “There are times I stand out there, and it’s quiet, and I just stare at the flags. It just overwhelms me with mixed emotions.” It’s an amazing thing to see everyone get so involved. Students who weren’t even alive when the event occurred are honoring the lives of 9/11. “My favorite thing about doing the flags is involving the students. Getting them connected to something that’s important.”  

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At a young age we are being taught to honor the innocent lives lost from any time in history. Whether it be 100 years, 20 years, or tomorrow. Never forget who we lost because they were never gone. The more effort we make to remember, the harder it will be to forget.