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New Teacher Feature: Ms. Katie Lyman

Lyman joins BAHS this year from Magnolia Middle.

With the new school year kicking off, there are many new teachers who have joined us this year– and Ms. Katie Lyman is of them. Today, I got the chance to interview her to get to know her better and share her amazing story!  

Redding: “Have you had any teaching experience at Bel Air before?” 

Lyman: “Not at Bel Air.” 

Redding: “What classes do you teach here?” 

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Lyman: “I teach honors English, English one, and strategic reading.” 

Redding: “What made you want to be a teacher?” 

Lyman: “The teachers I had when I was young. I always looked up to them and their job seemed very important to me and that made me want to be a teacher.” 

Redding: “What made you want to teach high school specifically?” 

Lyman: “Specifically, I’m coming from middle school, and I made the switch to high school because I like the curriculum better. I wanted to be able to have more adult conversations about literature and I wanted to live closer to home as well, so it just made sense to come to high school.” 

Redding: “What are you excited about for this school year?” 

Lyman: “I’m excited about all the high school activities that I haven’t been able to see or do since I was in high school. Like all the football games, pep rallies, the dress up days, all the dances, and all the extracurricular activities that are only offered here” 

Redding: “Lastly, what is a goal that you have?” 

Lyman: “A teaching goal I have is to be an excellent teacher at Bel Air and be able to stay until I retire.” 

Lyman is a great addition to our Bobcat family, and we are so excited to see the mark she leaves on our 9th grade English students. Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks as we interview other new members of our Bobcat Nation Staff!