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What BAHS Clubs Will Suit You Best?

Looking for something to brag about to colleges? Maybe just somewhere to make some friends? Well don’t worry, the Bellarion is here to give you some options!

The school year’s started – and well, you don’t know where to start with the extracurriculars around the school. There are a lot of clubs offered, and when you hear about them – it’s always lacking something! Classroom number, teacher, the time, the day it’s hosted, and even maybe what the club is.

But fret no longer! We’re here to help you decide which club is best for you and guide you through the different categories that we put these clubs in. We’ll also provide a chart of which days these clubs occur to help accompany any scheduling issues!


“Interest” Clubs

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These clubs will teach you new things and allow you to connect with other people through activities that interest both of you! Whether it be art, math, or video games – there are so many subjects offered for after school!


· Academic Team: The Academic Team is hosted by Mrs. Bates & Mrs. Roppelt in A303/A304, they meet from 2:10 to 3 PM on Tuesdays! The Academic Team participates in weekly general knowledge trivia throughout the school year. If you have an interest in Jeopardy, academic competition, or simply know a lot of fun facts – this club may be just the fit for you!

· Art Club: The Art Club meets every Wednesday from 2:15 to 3:15 weekly, hosted by Mrs. DiNunno! This club is a fantastic opportunity to foster artistic skills. This also gives students the opportunity to explore pathways in art that may not be provided in our classrooms and helps gain them experience in diverse examples of visual arts. It’s a great place to meet other artists, receive support on your work, and keep honing your skills!

·  Stop Motion Club: Unleash your creativity! The Stop Motion Club meets twice a month on Wednesdays in Mrs. Humphrey’s Room – C322 – from 2:00-3:00 PM! We make animations throughout the school year and then come together for a final short film! The meeting dates are decided monthly by the club itself. No prior experience is needed!

· Anime Club: The anime club provides a classroom for fans to watch, discuss, and debate anime in Mr. Rush’s room – A316 – from 2:10-3 p.m. on Wednesdays!

· Bel Air Drama Company: Interested in joining our school’s musicals and plays this year? Well – the Bel Air Drama Company is exactly where you should be looking. Make sure to keep a sharp eye out for the applications in the music hallway to help create an amazing show for our school!

· Bobcat Book Club: The Bobcat Book Club meets monthly to discuss high-interest student-selected books and develop friendships with other book lovers. This club is hosted by Mrs. Olive (one of our biggest book lovers in the school!) from 2:15 – 3:15 PM! The date is decided monthly by the club itself.

“The students I think would benefit most at Book Club would be students who have a hard time getting out there. Finding and befriending people who share the same interests as you is always easy, and it’s even easier at Book Club! You’ll get to sit and talk and discuss a variety of genres with people who are there for the same reason you are: to enjoy a good book” -Alicia Nguyen, Three-Year member.

· Fiber Arts Club: The Fiber Arts Club allows students to explore the world of crocheting, knitting, embroidery, quilting, sewing and so many other fields of fiber arts! This club is hosted by Ms. Lukasavage every other Tuesday at 2:15 p.m. There’s no pressure to be experienced!

· Games Club: Interested in tabletop games? Maybe Dungeons and Dragons – or Warhammer 40,000 – orrr, maybe even Magic; The Gathering? How about Pokemon – or Yu-Gi-Oh? Well, the Games Club is too! Find them playing from 2 to 4 PM on Thursdays – they’ll teach you how to play, and there’s no required attendance!

A short interview from a former four-year Games Club member, Kat Parker!

What was one of your favorite experiences in Games Club?

PARKER: I liked learning how to join a campaign and become a part of a group effort to take down a common obstacle even with our different personalities and characters. It helped to look through another person’s eyes and see a different perspective through tabletop gaming.

Who is the best target audience for the Games Club?

PARKER: Anyone interested in character and worldbuilding, as well as working with others and strategizing in fantasy environments!!

What should you expect coming into Games Club as a new member?

PARKER: Expect the unexpected and be prepared for anything! Be ready to explore yourself and meet new people!

Interested? Check out the club this Thursday in room C215!

· Engineering Clubs: The engineering team works together using engineering and design to build model bulk cargo ships. The ships are tested in the harbor for speed, efficiency, and sustainability in the Maryland engineering competition run by the Baltimore Museum of Industry. Interested? Stop by Mr. Serokos’ room – A123 – on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 2:15 PM!

“The community is something else; there is nothing better than working towards the finish line and watching it all come together, as a group.” -Sophia Chen, Former Fleet Commander of the Engineering Team and Four-Year Member

· Reverie Club: Be a part of the student-run literary magazine! Students’ submissions of short stories, poems, art, and photographs and create an annual publication showing off the creativity of Bel Air High School students. (Mrs., Orth, Mrs. Olive, Tuesdays 2:10-3)

· The Game Station Club: Ok… So maybe Tabletop isn’t your thing, but you like video games. Maybe Mario Cart, or Fall Guys – some Speedrun Games? Well, Mr. Flerlage hosts the Game Station club! Come check out the club, hosted on Fridays at 2:15 in A206!

· Mock Trial: This program’s objectives are to (1) further understand the law, court procedures, and the legal system, (2) increase proficiency in soft skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and reasoning; and (3) Heighten appreciation of academic studies as well as career consciousness of law-related professions. Mock Trial will begin in November – so stay tuned, and if you have any inquiries, you can contact Mrs. Nielson or Mr. Austin with further questions!

“Being able to dress up in professional attire and act out a trial just like in real life is the best thing about Mock Trial. Even though you have to prepare for a while before, once you’re in competing season you’re swept up. You don’t even have to be in the trials, either. Sometimes I’d just watch the trials, and it was still just as exciting.” -Alicia Nguyen, three-year member.

· Speech and Debate: Debate on current event topics and improve on your speaking and vocal skill performances both creative and professional. (Mrs. Orth and Mrs. Zorbach, competitions on every Thursday from September to March)

”The most important skill I learned from Speech and Debate was the ability to state my own opinions. When you’re facing the opposing team, there’s no space to try and “see the other side”. You’re in it to win it, and it’s helped me with a lot of professional settings where I need to be straightforward to get the job done” -Alicia Nguyen, three-year member.

Educational Clubs

These clubs are based around educating others on specific topics, or possibly sharing a cultural background! Do you have an interest in learning ASL? Or possibly how to be more environmentally friendly?

· Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Club: Students are invited to explore their heritage through cultural games and activities. (Ms. Lukasavage, monthly Wednesdays 2-3)

· American Sign Language: Teach students ASL through the free Oklahoma for the deaf website. | Mrs. Long, B308 – Tuesday (2:15)

· Best Buddies: A club dedicated to creating opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, leadership development, and inclusive living for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. | Mrs. Archibald, C220 – Monthly Tuesdays (2-3PM)

· Cats for the Cause: Cats for the Cause adopts one organization a month and helps support said organization to gain funding, awareness and volunteers. | Ms. Lukasavage, C101 – Monthly Tuesdays (2-3PM)

· CORE: CORE club (Challenging Others to Respect Everyone) was created to spread kindness to others through action and awareness. Works to fundraise, conduct events, and do random acts of kindness. | Mrs. Reed & Mrs. Willhelm, A203 – Monthly

· FBLA: Future Business Leaders of America brings business and education together in a positive working relationship through leadership and career development programs. (Mrs. Smith, monthly every 3rd Tuesday 2:15-3)

· FCA: Leading every student, coach, and athlete to closer relationships with Jesus Christ and his church. Welcoming all. (Mr. Friskey, every other Friday morning)

· FTA: Future Teachers of America helps prepare future educators for the classroom. Learn the value of being part of a professional association that advocates on behalf of children and public education. | Mrs. Maddox, C116 – Monthly (2-4PM)

· GSA: Gender and Sexualities Alliance Network is a next-generation LGBTQ racial and gender justice organization that empowers and trains queer, trans and allied youth leaders to advocate, organize and mobilize an intersectional movement for safer schools and healthier communities. GSA requires a tolerant mindset and membership is open to students who are LGBTQIA+ or allies. | Mrs. Willhelm, C307 – Monthly

A short interview from the leader of GSA, Mrs. Willhelm!

What inspired you to start GSA?

WILLHELM: So I didn’t start GSA, but I took over GSA a few years ago. I wanted to make sure the club stayed together at Bel Air High School so students had a safe space to meet accepting people and feel empowered to be themselves.

What do you do in GSA?

WILLHELM: The past few years its been more of a social club, where we do fun events – we have a trivia – there’re always snacks! We do food, we do snacks, or sometimes we’ll do an event. So one thing we did last year that was a lot of fun was a tie-dye day, where everybody brought their own white piece of whatever and we did some tie-dying outside! We did that at the end of the year, it was really nice.

Interested? Check out the club next month in room C307!

· Girl Up: It helps girls access their inner power to advance the skills, rights, and opportunities of girls everywhere. | Mrs. Capozzoli, A220 – 1st & 3rd Wednesdays (2pm)

A short interview from the leader of Girl Up, Aubrey Klarman!

How long have you been leading Girl Up?

KLARMAN: So I’ve been leading Girl Up since my Junior year – so this will be my second year leading Girl Up with Bo.

What do you do in Girl Up?

KLARMAN: In Girl Up we like to talk about women’s rights issues whether they’re in America or worldwide and talk about what we can do to change the status quo and make things better for women. And we also try to do fun activities to unite girls in our school and community.

Who do you believe is the target demographic for Girl Up? Besides just “girls” – is there a certain person?

KLARMAN: I feel like its girls who feel like they could do more. Do more for their rights, and other girls in our community. And to find a place to make new friends, and find women in their school who have similar values as them.

Interested? Check out the club next Wednesday in room A220!

· Girls Who Code: We are dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology and computer science. Their mission is to inspire more girls to become computer scientists and engineers. This club is hosted by Mrs. Capozzoli in A220! Dates are still being determined.

· PAWS: Peer Assistance and Wellness Support ensures that all students feel and believe that they are valued members of the school community by offering building tours, accompanying new students to lunch, mentoring, and attending sponsored events. They give new students tours and assist in the hallways/cafeteria. (Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Capozzoli, mornings during homeroom)

· STARS: Students Taking A Responsible Stand is an organization facing issues in high school students such as drugs, alcohol, bullying, and mental health disorders awareness. It is done through public awareness campaigns such as Red Ribbon week, the Health and Wellness Fair, Mental Health Awareness month, and other student-driven activities. (Mrs. McDonough, Meetings online and meetings posted before big events.)

Athlete-Oriented/Physical Clubs

For our athletes out there! Maybe it’s an add-on to the sport you’re already competing in, or maybe it’s a chance for you to participate in a physical activity!

· Yoga: Providing a safe space to explore movement and breathwork through yoga. (Mrs. Gwin, Weekly December-June!)

· Sports for Life: This program involves students with disabilities participating with non-disabled peers. Sports that have been done in the past were basketball, bocce, bowling, cornhole, and other lawn sports. (Mr. Ackley and Mrs. Clark, One sport each season, practice 1-2 times a week with a tournament at the end of the season.)

“I helped out for the fall season last school year when they were doing bowling. We met every Tuesday and Thursday after school for an hour, so it didn’t interfere with other extracurriculars or school work. I would help set up equipment, assist players in their turns, etc. The sponsors were all very nice and understanding if someone couldn’t make it, and the season only lasted for about a month and a half until we had the tournament. It’s a really enjoyable experience overall and more people should help out for the upcoming season.” -Luka Fleshman, Aide

· Color Guard: The BAHS Color Guard performs at all of our football games, band competitions, and parades alongside our marching band. Dancing with batons and flags – the Color Guard really brings some school spirit into our events! (Ms. Stare, C102, Weekly Practice & Mandatory Attendance!)

A short interview with our two-year member of our Color Guard, Emily John!

What should new members expect when joining Color Guard?

JOHN: New color guard members should expect a welcoming family when they join. Everyone is so accepting and kind in the guard and it feels like you’ve known everyone your whole life as soon as you join. Being a part of the color guard is a fun and unique way to get some exercise while also finding some lifelong friends.

What was one of your favorite experiences?

JOHN: My favorite experience is definitely the feeling you get after learning a new skill. You feel so accomplished and good about yourself because you worked hard and we’re able to succeed. Also, just all the fun memories you make with the team. The silly inside jokes, Learning tricks together, games days getting ready together. It’s all so fun and you make memories that will last forever.

Interested in joining Color Guard? Contact Ms. Stare!


Environmental Clubs

These clubs are for people who want to help better the environment or want to learn more about the world we live in. The perfect place for people who want to make a difference in the community.

· HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere): Promote a community of valued students, parents, facility, and societal organizations. Increase students’ involvement in helping and in times of need, while spreading awareness of health issues and life-altering events. (Mrs. Macdonough, See Mrs. Macdonough each day in the morning before school at B207. Email commissions only)

· REACH (Raising Educational Awareness on Clinical Health): Attend meetings, participate in fundraisers, and participate in community service activities. (Mrs. Donaldson, Monthly, Date/time to be determined)

· Envirothon: This program combines classroom training and in the field hands on training in five topics; wildfires, forestry, soils, aquatics and environmental issues that changes every year. Competes academically twice a year. (Mrs. Long and Ms. Hamilton, On Wednesdays or Thursdays, to be determined)

· YES (youth earth savers): Focuses on solutions to environmental issues including in local forests and waterways, through participation in creative community services. (Ms. Snell, 2nd Monday at 2:15)

“My favorite experience at YES club was the end-of-year party we had last year. It was a goodbye event for all the seniors in the club and also a time where we got to paint and talk and have fun with everyone else in the club. We painted little clay pots! I hope we can do something like that again.” -Alicia Nguyen, three-year member.


There’s a few clubs that we couldn’t currently find much information on – but should be making an appearance this year!

Black Student Union (BSU): The BSU is hosted in Mr. Roth’s room (C204) and further information will be provided throughout the school year!

· Student-Athlete Leadership Council: This is a selection of our school’s finest athletes. They will create and maintain student leadership standards within the athletic community. They will guard our established culture of athletic excellence on our school’s team and stands. (Mr. Skelton, Monthly on Tuesdays)

The Student-Athlete Leadership Council is not a club that students can join quite yet – but Mr. Skelton has plans to get it off its feet this year – so stay tuned!

“What we aim to do is to get an elite group of student-athlete leaders in our school, and then put them in charge of setting the culture in our school. And that means setting the standards for behavior, for academic success, for on the field, composure, we should have a group of players that say “This is the way we do things”. So anybody coming in, or transferring, or freshmen – whatever, can look clearly at this group and go “Thats the way that the behavior and the standard – and the way that the Bel Air kids compete – thats how we do things here.”’ -Mr. Skelton

Astronomy Club: Astrology is a club being introduced this year! Hosted by Mrs. Forbes at the library, their first interest meeting will be September 22nd during homeroom!

Hopefully, through our long list of clubs, interviews, and information – you found a place you might be considering. If you have any further questions regarding some of the clubs listed, make sure to reach out to the teachers hosting them!