Baltimore Orioles Unveil New Jerseys. Hit or Miss?


Ryan Dean, Sports Writer

The Orioles unveiled their new City Connect jerseys earlier this week on Monday, May 22nd. There have been many different teams this year who have already debuted their City Connect jerseys. People have had mixed first impressions of the Orioles new jerseys, and the O’s are not the only teams taking the heat. The jerseys from the outside look plain, but the team claims they have a deeper meaning inside and outside. 

The Jersey consists of an all-black background, with white bold lettering that spells out Baltimore. On the inside of the jerseys, it has a multi-colored patch symbolizing the neighborhoods that shape Baltimore and what the city is all about.

The jersey has a neat design when you roll the sleeves up, which then reveals the “surprise inside” of the multicolored symbol. The player’s last name is on the back of the jersey in orange print with their numbers large under the names in white. The socks are the same pattern as the sleeves inside the jersey. The pants are black with an orange stripe down the side of each pant leg.

The hat is also black with a cursive letter “B” on the front. The cursive “B” comes from a quote by Baltimore Poet Kondwani Fidel. The quote reads, “You can’t clip these wings.” This jersey really speaks volume to the players about Baltimore and the fans. 

My thoughts about this jersey are that these jerseys are fire. They really knocked this jersey out of the park. The colors inside really scream Baltimore culture. The outside of the jersey is plain and simple. This is the only jersey that will say Baltimore on the front in white. There’s a lot of deeper meaning to the jerseys than people who are not Orioles fans would understand, such as quoting famous poets, and using the same font as famous Baltimore posters from The Globe Collection.

Most of the people who say the jerseys are bad really do not think about the deeper meaning because they are not fans of the team. That is my rebuttal to the people who do not like the jerseys, who argue they are simple and do not have much detail on the outside. These jerseys will be debuted on Friday, May 26th in their game with the Texas Rangers, and from now on will be worn every home game on Friday for the rest of the year. 

What’s your take on the new jerseys?