Ms. Mathews and Bel Air Seniors End on a High Note


Reagan Ketcham

Ms. Terri Mathews will be retiring after 38 years of service to HCPS. Congratulations!

Reagan Ketcham, Staff Writer

On May 17, 2023, the Bel Air High School Music Program celebrated their final concert with the senior students and Ms. Terri Mathews, director of choirs. The Choir, Band, and Orchestra gathered together in the auditorium to perform their well-practiced songs and display them to family and friends. 

For the past 38 years, Mathews has been educating students in the field of chorus, conducting these students and opening their minds to new forms of singing. She has improved the choir of Bel Air so profoundly that she was awarded an official Town of Bel Air award during the concert for her service to the school.  

Mathews has made such an impact on the students’ lives that over 75 alumni showed up to the concert, and 5 performed in the concert with the band, chorus and orchestra.

The seniors also had their very last concert of their high school career. They made the most of their last moments with each other and their music family. Four years of hard work all came together on the stage for the big finale of their Bel Air career, and we were so glad to see it. 

The music program is proud of the success that the seniors brought to the band, chorus, and orchestra, and is bittersweet sending them off into life, knowing that they’ve made such amazing progress but will still be dearly missed.