AP Tests Continue into Second Week


Ethan Dean, Staff Writer

The first week of AP testing has almost wrapped up, and with that comes the 2nd week, including the AP World History test on Thursday, May 11.  

Here are the tests that have been covered (As of Thursday, May 11): 





English Lit 

Comp Sci A 

Human Geography 



AP World History, the test I’m focusing on, is in the home stretch, and with our recent Globalization lesson, all content has been covered. Today (Thursday, May 4), we are peer reviewing our DBQ’s and LEQ’s we wrote over the course of last week at home. The last two class periods before the test for both A Day and B Day will be spent reviewing content and practicing multiple choice responses.  

Studying is well underway as CollegeBoard has released their 2023 Review Materials, and Heimler’s History is preparing for his Live Review Sessions. Freemanpedia has released a new powerpoint with all the subunits, and Anti-Social Studies podcast runner Emily Glankler is posting both TikTok shorts and longer podcast videos for review.  

Mrs. Bowden is ready to prepare us for the test, and has been working diligently to provide us materials and plan out the rest of the classes leading up to the big day. 

Pictured is the rubric for DBQ and LEQ writing, which we are utilizing to peer review each other’s work. On the actual test, we have 100 minutes to write them both, so this practice will come in handy. 

Senior Ellie Harris says the AP World test was “one of the hardest tests I’ve ever taken. I clearly remember how bad it was.” Ellie got a 2, but it was also during COVID, which Mrs. Bowden established has affected the AP experience. 

AP Week can be a very stressful time for students taking them, especially since Quarter 4 begins to gain traction and ramp up post-spring break. Sophomores mostly are taking AP World, but some are taking AP Comp Sci or AP Psych. Juniors can take anything from APUSH to AP Lang, while Seniors can take AP Stat or even AP Lit. All of these at once is a lot to handle, so as the week nears, just remember to manage your time, and give yourself a break, you deserve it!