Rays On Their Way to MLB History


Ethan Dean, Sports Writer

The 2023 MLB Season is in full swing as the first week of games has wrapped. Teams like the Tampa Bay Rays, Milwaukee Brewers, Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Guardians, and Arizona Diamondbacks are proving themselves night after night, all having at least 7 wins.  

Specifically, let’s focus on the Tampa Bay Rays. Through their first 10 games, the Rays were 10-0. This is the first time since the 1987 Milwaukee Brewers that a team has achieved this feat. This same Brewers team holds the record for most wins to start a season (13), and the Rays can tie this record if they sweep the Red Sox come Thursday, April 13. If they want to break this record, they’ll have to beat the now 6-4 Toronto Blue Jays at Rogers Centre on Friday.  

Our hometown Orioles have had a rather impressive opening stand, standing now at 6-6. While the record may not be as impressive as the Rays, the Orioles have faced tough teams in the Yankees and Rangers. Adley Rutschman has 3 homers on the season and is on a hot streak, and the pitching has been doing well recently. With a series against the rather cold Athletics, the Orioles can easily rack up a few wins and get in the hunt. After Oakland, the Orioles will head to Chicago to face the now 5-6 White Sox. 

My New York Mets have had what some may call a disappointing start, with a 7-6 record after facing rather average teams. A tough Brewers series saw the Mets be swept, but two Marlins series surrounded it, in which the Mets went 5-2. They held the San Diego Padres to just two hits on Monday night and won 5-0. In a rather competitive NL East with the Braves, Nationals, and reigning NL Champ Phillies, the Mets need to pick up the pace if they want to make up for the loss of closer Edwin Diaz.  

This season is shaping up to bring some major history and rivalries as schedules have opened up the floodgates. The New York Mets will face all 29 teams at some point this season, and other teams, like the Orioles, will face every team in the opposite league. Keep an eye out for the powerhouse teams like the Yankees, Astros, and Dodgers, who aren’t leading the pack right now.