Reverie Seeking Submissions for 2023 Publication

Reagan Ketcham, Staff Writer


“Reverie” is a collection of literature and arts that is published each year in magazine form, and helps feature students’ creativity in a yearly wrap up. For this year’s 2022-2023 edition, they need more submissions of art and literature to feature in the magazine. 

“Reverie” is a big part of the Bel Air High School’s history and the first feature dates to around 1980, when “Reverie” was called “Medley”. Submissions back then show black and white pictures with short poems and stories, while now there are pictures and drawings filled with color, surrounding poems and stories.  

Aubrey Klarman, one of the co-editors-in-chief of this year’s “Reverie” staff reflects more on the name change and explains “the previous advisor of Reverie did not feel that medley gave the literary magazine justice,” which is why the name was changed. According to Merriam-Webster, the word “reverie” means daydream, or the condition of being lost in thought.

To help continue the memorable “Reverie”, students need to continue to submit their works of art and contributing to the collection. Any type of story, artwork or poetry is considered, so don’t hesitate to submit! Whether it’s poems, short stories, art or photography, “Reverie” is a place for all students’ artistic voices to be heard! You can submit all stories and art to [email protected].