November New Teacher Feature: Administration


Tyler Kirk

Mr. Robert Deleva joined the Bobcat Family last school year in January 2022.

Eva Trujillo, Staff Writer

Do you know Mr. Deleva?

Mr. Robert Deleva came to our school last year mid-year, making this his first full year as our principal. His biggest goal has been to be as involved as possible, which is why you can catch him walking around the hallways talking to students, rather than sitting in his office. Deleva has an incredibly positive outlook for this year and those to follow as he expressed, “a lot of things were different when I came in but coming into this year, I have more of an idea of what kind of events we are allowed to do and host…we will be able to plan more in advance.” 

 When asked what he wished students knew about him, Deleva responded “I’ve ran a marathon before, I enjoy cooking, and I enjoy watching college sports.” Outside of school, he lives a continually active life and spends much of his time outside if the weather is nice.  

Mr. Deleva has successfully gotten to know the culture and climate of the school, making him a perfect addition! If you see him in the halls, please make sure to stop by and say hello.