Boys’ Soccer Ties Fallston 1-1

Andreas Akalou

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On Thursday September 27, 2018 Our Bobcat Boys’ Soccer Team tied against the Fallston Cougars 1-1 at Bobcat Stadium.

It was an ugly night to play soccer at Bobcat Stadium, with it raining hard and making it difficult for the boys to perform at their peak.

After twenty minutes of the first half, the Cougars found the back of the net before our Bobcats. This left the team in a tough position but they knew they had to keep their heads up.

“Anything can happen in the box with weather like this.” Coach Rose said in the locker room during halftime.

The Bobcats picked their heads up in the second half and scored early. After a Fallston handball in the box, Ethan Lassen scored a penalty kick to tie the game 1-1.

“We got one taken from us tonight. You guys have to work even harder against Patterson Mill.” Coach Rose told the boys after the game.

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Boys’ Soccer Ties Fallston 1-1