Reverie Kicks Off the First Poetry Slam of the School Year

Andie Valdez

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Bel Air High School’s literary and arts magazine, the Reverie will kick off the 2017-2018 school year with the first Poetry Slam of the year on October 11, 2017 in the Black Box Theatre.

The Reverie is made by and for the students of Bel Air, and in 2014 the school’s creative writing teacher, Mr. Taylor, started the event to fund the creation of the magazine. Since then, it has only gotten more and more popular, as kids with all skill levels can come and perform their pieces of poetry, stories, and songs.

The first half of the night will be an open mic for students to sing songs and perform with their bands or friends, then it will get into the slam portion. This night’s theme is Slam Cover, where students can find poetry written by other people, whether it be famous poets or underground writers, and perform it along with their own original pieces. Then, the contest will begin, and students can enter for the title of the night’s slam winner.

The Reverie, being a free magazine, has to be funded somehow, and the sales during slam nights go into the creation of this wonderful platform where aspiring writers and artists can showcase their work. For just $3.00 at the door, you can join in the unique experience where like-minded people come together to celebrate the art of poetry.

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Reverie Kicks Off the First Poetry Slam of the School Year