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Need to Know: Vital Keyboard Shortcuts

For this week’s Tech Tuesday, test your knowledge of the most important keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts are a string of inputs via the keyboard that perform specific actions on a Microsoft Windows Operating System. 

Many are already familiar with one or two already. Some well-known shortcuts are copy [ctrl + c] and paste [ctrl + v]. However, there is so much more that remains largely unheard of but could save minutes off when browsing the web. 

Well, what does the “+” mean? It refers to when you’re supposed to keep the previous key pressed as you continue onwards with the shortcut. For example, to copy a piece of media you highlighted, you would press down the control key (also known as Ctrl) and without letting go of it, press down on the C key. 

There are so many keyboard/windows related shortcuts to the point where this article only identifies the most useful to a typical user. 

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Here is a list of shortcuts and what they do.

Ctrl + C This shortcut copies a currently highlighted item to the clipboard. 

Ctrl + V This shortcut pastes the most recent item on the clipboard. 

Ctrl + X This shortcut cuts highlighted text or media. Essentially, it copies it to the clipboard and deletes the currently highlighted item. 

Ctrl + Z This shortcut undoes the most recent action. 

Ctrl + Y This shortcut redoes the most recent action. 

Ctrl + A This shortcut highlights everything on the page. 

Ctrl + F This shortcut brings up a search bar to search all the text on the current page. 

Ctrl + P This shortcut allows you to turn the current page into a PDF. 

Alt + Tab This shortcut allows you to switch between windows easily. 

Ctrl + Shift + T This shortcut allows you to open previous tabs. You can use it several times to open more tabs you closed. If you accidentally close out of a window, just open a new window, and use the shortcut. It will open a new window containing all the tabs you closed at once. 

Ctrl + Shift + Esc This shortcut opens task manager. 


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