New Teacher Feature: FACS


Eva Trujillo

Mrs. Maddox (left) and Ms. Ford (right).

Eva Trujillo, Staff Writer

Mrs. Maddox

Welcoming Mrs. Maddox, as this marks her fifth school year teaching but first time teaching at Bel Air High School. When coming in this year, Maddox explained that she made it her goal to “make class fun yet productive at the same time while also meeting new friends/coworkers.” So far Bel Air has made her feel right at home with it’s “real family and community feel.”  

This desire to become a teacher started at a young age for Mrs. Maddox up until she could truly make it happen. Being a part of the FACS department has allowed her to not only work with high school students, but also with students in the preschool program.  

Mrs. Maddox has been known to be “creative, caring and open-minded,” leaving her to be a great choice to stop by and visit in room C116! 

Ms. Ford

Coming to our school at the beginning of this 2022-2023 year, this is Ms. Ford’s first year of teaching! Because of her “laidback, patient and understanding” personality, she has been able to connect with the many students so far, as she expressed. Although this is her first year teaching, she is grateful to start her career in the comfortable environment of Bel Air High School. 

Ms. Ford has always found an undeniable love for cooking which led to her desire to be a part of the FACS department. “I love cooking, and I think it is a skill that everyone needs to learn,” stated Ford. Along with cooking, she enjoys various activities such as gardening, going to the beach, and playing sports!  

Whether you have an interest in cooking or not, Ms. Ford’s classroom in C105 and is the perfect spot to stop by and say hello!