Check Out Phil’s Chronicles, Cat’s Eye’s New Hit Segment


Laura Willhelm

Junior Philip Johnson is the star of The Cat’s Eye’s new popular segment, The Phil Chronicles.

Makaila Guerrier, Staff Writer

The Cat’s Eye morning announcements is full of interesting segment pieces that brighten up everyone’s morning with their uniqueness. One new segment people seem to enjoy is Phil’s Chronicles, a funny bit that junior, Phillip Johnson, and Mr. Kyle Benfield, teacher founded this school year.

According to Johnson, the idea happened when he and Mr. Benfield were joking around. He says, “Me and Benfield was joking one day in class and were like what if we had a show?” After this the idea bloomed.  Phillip is known to be a hilarious person, so this was the perfect opportunity to spread his playful personality.  On his first episode he was nervous, like anyone else would be. He thought to himself, “just gotta go with it!” to push through the nerves. 

There is one thing Phillip hopes to accomplish, which is making people happy. He wants to do the best he can because “It’s a blessing to be on the show because not many people get to do this.”

Even though the show just started, Johnson has plans to continue his legacy; once he graduates, he hopes he can pass the show onto another student that shares the same playful spirit he has.  “We are working on a new episode so look out for that. We are going to try to do one episode each quarter.”