Talented Artists of Bel Air Get Some Recognition

Makaila Guerrier, Staff Writer

Bel Air High School is filled with talent in all departments.  In our art section, we are lucky to have many talented artists of all ages, with some works being displayed at the A.A. Roberty Building, the Harford County Public Schools Central Office headquarters.  As you walk down the hallways, you can see students’ beautiful work displayed.  One of the current displays is pieces of the still life concept, completed in Ms. Nicole Jergensen’s classroom.

This concept is something that Lilly Dowd, a fine art prep student, says she is most proud of. She expressed that “shading the prisms took the longest time,” however, it is one of her favorite pieces.   

Still life art is work that captures inanimate objects from the natural or manmade world. Developing value or shading in the work is important. This element of art is a favorite for Thomas O’halloran, a fine art prep student. When asked what his favorite aspect of art is, O’Halloran says that “using shadows to bring out more depth in pictures” is what he enjoys the most.

Art is a creative outlet for most. Expressing oneself is what Valentina Maid, a fine art prep student, is most excited about. There is so much you can learn about an artist in the way they draw their lines or what colors they use. We are lucky that we have a strong art department that can express their creativity.