A Breathtaking Art Experience at Brandywine River Museum

Ethan Dean, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, November 16, Ms. Kathryn Humphrey and her drawing and painting students went on a field trip to Brandywine River Museum in Pennsylvania. 

Ms. Kathryn Humphrey is a drawing and painting and photography teacher here at BAHS and she wanted to ensure that her students got a fun, intellectually stimulating field trip. Junior Brandon Hall provided several photographs from the trip, shown in the gallery below.

According to Smithsonian Magazine, “the Brandywine River Museum is a collection of regional and American art, showcasing the work of Andrew Wyeth, a realist painter, and his family.” Ms. Humphrey decided that this field trip would expand the knowledge of her students in the field of both history and art, serving the purpose to educate and inspire, like all field trips should. 

Field trips are a huge part of a student’s school journey and should be encouraged and implemented at all chances possible. They act as a mental break day while still enhancing the knowledge and understanding of the students partaking. Humphrey agrees, saying, “field trips are not just a day off, it’s extending the learning beyond the classroom. There is nothing that can compare to seeing original works of art in person.” 

Humphrey exclaimed that “students were excited and completely blown away by the details that they saw.” According to student Marissa Price, “It was eye opening to see professional art in a setting like this.” The field trip was beneficial for all parties involved, with student Agatha Hurley saying, “My passion for art has been renewed from this experience.” 

Hurley elaborated on how she feels about art field trips in the future. “This was the first art trip I’ve ever been on, and now that I’ve been on one, I want to go to more art museums. It was one of the best field trips I’ve ever been on.” Ms. Humphrey added the importance of seeing art memorabilia in person:  “We were especially fortunate to see the studio of Andrew Wyeth where he created his iconic paintings.” 

The field trip to Brandywine River Museum was a breathtaking experience for Humphrey and her students, solidifying her beliefs that field trips are a beneficial experience for everyone involved, whether you’re a student or a teacher. Student Emilie Vargo stated “’twas inspiring and very moving/emotional,” a sufficient way to sum up the beauty of such historical artwork.