Follow the Yellow Brick Road…This Week to BADC’s Fall Production!

The show’s opening night will be today, Thursday, November 17.

The Jitterbug Scene is a favorite among the cast.

Maya Cavolo, Contributing Writer

While most students are at home or doing other extracurricular activities after school, you remain in the auditorium rehearsing the lines for your part. The melody of other cast members singing on the stage rings in your ears, and the footsteps of the tech members walking across the catwalk echo above you, across the auditorium.

This reality is coming to life this week, when The Bel Air Drama Company brings the iconic show, Wizard of Oz, to Bel Air High School. This company has done many amazing shows in the past, the most recent being Peter & the Star Catcher, and everyone’s favorite Christmas movie Elf: The Musical. Students of varying grades have all worked together to create an amazing show, with the show’s cast and crew working every day after school, from 3:00 to 5:30.

In addition, “tech days” where students work on set pieces from 10am to 6pm, took place on the weekend and kept the cast and crew busy. Tech members work on various projects that need to be done before the show, such as designing and creating costumes, constructing, and painting props, working with lighting and sound, and many other important tasks that the show could not do without.

Drew Opdyke, taking the role of Tinman, comes back to the stage for his third play with the Bel Air Drama Company. He was previously seen as “Peter” in Peter and the Star Catcher, and Michael Hobbs in Elf: The Musical. He wishes that everyone attending enjoys the show and shouts out to his vocal coach, in his cast bio, for all the help they have provided for him throughout the years.

Maggie Donahue, starring as Dorothy, is thrilled to be back with Bel Air for another production. She has previously played Molly Aster in Peter and the Star Catcher and was tech crew for other performances. She thanks her family and her friends for their support and wishes that those watching the show appreciate it.

Keira Coronel returns to BADC as the publicity manager. She has previously worked in lighting/house for the company’s last show, Peter and the Star Catcher. She wishes everyone in the cast to “break a leg!”

Members of the cast also work on various things, such as memorizing lines, rehearsing scenes, and getting familiar with the show’s tunes. There are specified days dedicated to blocking scripts, learning dance moves, and running through acts. Within the two months that take place between casting and the show’s opening night, cast members work hard to carry out the program to its best efficiency.

The show’s opening night will be Thursday, November 17. There will be 4 performances, which gives viewers more chances to come and watch the play. Make sure to follow the “Yellow Brick Road” to see this marvelous performance from the BADC this fall!