Best Video Games of 2019

Jason Dipnarine

New games are coming out practically every day, but for this list it was best to narrow it done to the 3 best choices. Although there are lots of popular games, I personally believe that these are the best as of September 22, 2019. 


Yes. This is still one of the hottest games now and most likely will be for an even longer time. Since its release in 2017, Fortnite has gone from being the “PUBG” (Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds) knockoff to becoming one of the biggest arena games to date. With 250 million players worldwide, tournaments, a comedic building system, action-packed game-modes and of course-the dances, its easy that Fortnite would be anybody’s first game choice for a game you just have to try. Best of all, it’s free to play. 

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Its obvious at this point that these battle royale games are still some of the most popular out there, considering PUBG’s 50 million copies issued to its 200 million players with even 30 million more on mobile.  The visuals in PUBG are the most appealing aspect of the game to people. A tactical-focused third person shooter continuing the battle royale theme, you vs all. The game starts off simple, 100 people skydive onto an abandoned island and scavenge for weapons and gear, then showtime. Players fight to the top in attempt to reign high as the last one standing, by being forced to stay on your feet and keep moving and fighting to keep going.  

The comparison for the two games and the reason I chose to put them both first is to compare the differences between the two. According to Android Authority, Fortnite “gives players a lot more room to maneuver and play creatively” … in a cartoony sense. Ultimately making Fortnite the better game as it appeals to a much younger audience. Gaming Scan also notes Fortnite as “better for casual gamers who are just looking for a fun time”. Although Fortnite has its competitiveness. 

Rocket League: 

You like soccer? You like rocket cars? Here’s the best of both worlds! Rocket league is different from other E-Sports games, in the sense that you rely on speed and proper physics, a game that takes a long time to learn but is worth the wait once you get the hang of it. Although learning how to play takes a long time, Rocket League has been out since 2015 and to date those who play are still inventing new moves and scoring goals even cooler than the last.

From this, we can infer right away that Battle Royale games are still the best to play and are here to stay for a while. At least for the next year.