PAWS Club 2019-2020

Jake Martinez, Feature Writer

The PAWS Club (Peer Assistance and Wellness Support) is a club with a goal to make everyone a part of this school. Being able to see everyone fit in and not be lonely is PAWS mission. The club also wants new students and freshmen to get familiar with what Bel Air High School has to offer. 

PAWS is a club ran by Ms. Capozzoli and Mrs. Smith. The goal of the club is to make every single student be welcomed and involved in the school. The club meets before the school year starts, and in homeroom each day. 

“We started it to help new students at the school to feel a part of this school,” said Ms. Capozzoli.  

Several events in the school are coordinated by PAWS. 9th grade “Roadmap 2023” sessions are held in July and August, prior to the school year, to help freshmen understand everything they need to know about Bel Air High School. These events allow the new class of students to get to know each other, along with meeting PAWS members from the higher classes. The incoming freshmen also get to tour the school and try out lockers, which are quite different from Bel Air Middle School. Fake schedules with real teacher and room numbers are given out to help students navigate the different wings, floors, and the A-B Day cycle. 

Freshman Fest (which is usually held the Friday before school starts) is a huge event for rising freshmen. Hundreds of students come out to the event to familiarize themselves with BAHS. Locker combos and schedules are given out so the new class can see learn where to go during the school day and how to use their lockers. Several people like assistant principals, counselors, class officers, and more give speeches to welcome the newest members to Bobcat Nation.  

“We did the summer Roadmap 2023 for incoming freshmen, and freshmen fest. We help with various activities held throughout the school year. We help with the parent-teacher connection in the winter,” Ms. Capozzoli said.  

PAWS also helps with Back to School Night and lunches. At Back to School Night, PAWS members help people with where they are going and can answer questions. PAWS also supports people who are sitting by themselves at lunch. Club members want everyone to be included and will make sure that no one is sitting by themselves. PAWS also has their own table where members sit. Anyone is welcome to sit there any lunch, any day. 

PAWS is here to help you. If you ever need support, or if you are lost, come check out PAWS today.