Bobcats Look Forward to This Year’s Homecoming Spirit Week

Mariah Lake, Feature Writer

On Friday October 18, 2019 Bel Air High School will be having their masquerade homecoming. Our spirit week will consist of class color day on Tuesday October 15th, 2019.

Class color day allows students to dress up their color and be as creative as they can with their outfits. Some people like to write on their shirts, use glitter, add designs, and go “all out” in their color for example wearing same color leggings or pants.

 “Every year I look forward to class color day. I’m class of 2021 so our color is red. Last year I made a shirt with paws on it and my graduation year with red pants. I think this year I’ll be doing something similar; I think it’s fun to go all out and show some school spirit”, said junior Maria Makris.

For class color day, juniors will be wearing red, seniors will be wearing antique sapphire, and sophomores will be wearing berry. All the colors are the same that are the same as last year for these grades. For the new incoming freshmen, who have never experienced spirit week before, they are going to be wearing the color heather purple!

The students are very eager to be wearing their class colors this year. Students love being creative and seeing other students be creative as well.

“Every year for class color day, I wear the shirt from the school, a jacket, and jeans. Most likely paired with vans and my hair in a messy bun. Seeing all the seniors wearing their colors is really cool and I’m excited for a great spirit week”, said senior Maddie Stinebaugh.

The students of Bel Air High School are very excited for this year’s spirit week and the events that will occur. Make sure to participate in the after school events and the school day activities to show your school spirit!