Why You Should Join DECA

Jenna Ranney

DECA is a club based on the many aspects of the business world. With this club, you learn how to apply business knowledge in situations and learn more about business and what it brings to the world. DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs by giving them an inside look and giving a lot of experience before reaching college or reaching a real time job. If you are thinking about going into the business field, I would highly consider joining DECA for experience and fun.

Here at Bel Air, DECA members meet after school on some Wednesday’s, learn what each topic means and what fits each member, then we focus on that topic to learn more about it. This includes taking practice tests and interacting with other members to build knowledge. The main topics included in DECA is marketing, finance, and hospitality and management. DECA values “competence, integrity, and teamwork,” which is all learned through the experience of this club. At states competition, you can either work with a team or work by yourself. Based on your topic, you are given a situation that you need to analyze and solve whether it is how to market or how to properly use finances within a business. You then present to a judge on your whole plan after getting 10-30 minutes to prepare. This is good experience because in the future presentations and problem-solving will take a big role in many jobs. Communication skills are also learned by the presentation because you must stay professional while still engaging the judges, which will be the same for possible employees or your own boss.

Mrs. Smith, the teacher who runs it all says, “It’s a wonderful bonding experience and creates fabulous high school memories! Students are able to apply and expand their knowledge from the classroom into real-world scenarios.”

Being a member of DECA brings a lot of opportunities. This club can bring experience and excitement with the field trips included. Members can have the opportunity to visit New York and see the different ways of selling and reaching customers. In 2018, we had the chance to see all the vendors surrounding Bryant Park where lots of profit was being made but at the same time brings originality to New York by the different vendors there. We also had the chance to go to a Capitals game which was fun, but we got to see how brands market their products and services using the huge crowd there. Ads go on to attract consumers and they also are included on the ice. Senior Damanveer Aulakh, says DECA is “engaging, fun, and teaches good communication skills” that prepare you for college and a future job in the business field. The field trips are lots of fun and teach a lot.

Business takes a large part in every day life and DECA is a way to understand that even more by getting first hand experience. DECA made me excited for my future career and put all that I have learned to practice. See Mrs. Smith for more details if you would like to join in the future!