Spirit Week 2018

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Spirit Week 2018

Jenna Ranney, Feature Editor

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As homecoming for the ‘18- ’19 school year approaches, us Bobcats need to start preparing for the Spirit Week taking place October 8- October 12. Spirit Week is the week where all students and teachers have the opportunity to go all out for each theme and show how much spirit they have for the school. Spirit Week is defined as the week students celebrate their school pride by participating in activities related to the school’s sports teams, wearing school colors, and competing in special Spirit Week contests.

Everyone should dress up and support their class, here’s why:

Spirit Week is a fundraiser for each class to earn money towards their expense’s senior year. It is very important to raise as much money possible so when senior year comes, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for prom and other senior events. During Spirit Week, your homeroom teacher counts how many people have participated in the theme that day based on grade. Whichever grade has the most people that participated by the end of the week, earns $500. Other grades earn money but not as much as the winning class (2nd place earns $400 and so on). It is important to earn as much money as you can.

Another reason to participate in Spirit Week is how much fun it is. The one week out of the school year where you can wear pajamas or wear bright colored tights. Going to school for that week is enjoyable if you dress up with the themes. Getting up at 6 a.m. is always dreadful but dressing up can make you want to come to school because you have something to look forward to, not just a normal day at school. Not only will it entertain you, but it will entertain the people around you. Looking at the outfits throughout the week boosts everyone’s spirits and makes them excited for homecoming, especially seniors. Take pictures with your friends and enjoy it while you can, these four years go by quickly!


Dress up days:

Monday- “Get up and Go” day, wear your pajamas

Tuesday- “Pink Twin” day, wear pink to support the Dig Pink game, and match your friends.

Wednesday- “Decade” day

Thursday- “Color” day, wear your class color t-shirt and show off your class color.

Friday- “Bobcat” day, wear bobcat colors to support the school.

Go all out Bobcats and have fun during Spirit Week!

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