Saying Goodbye

Hana Leftridge

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Well here we are. Down to the last few times we will roam these memory filled hallways as a Bobcat. My last article to you; I hope these words serve well.

As excited as we are to finally be a high school graduate, and as much as we welcome summer with open arms, make sure to cherish your last couple days in Bel Air High School.

Have no regrets leaving this school. Talk to that person, say thank you to that teacher, exchange numbers with the kid who sits two rows behind you in class. Leave it all out there.

Speaking of no regrets, don’t let your friends from middle school and high school fade away. Make a conscious effort to stay in touch and take the time to meet up for lunch one weekend. Relationships are everything, and despite this being the time to start anew don’t let those few choice people slip away.

Take this summer, try to hang out with friends and make memories before going away for college. Enjoy the comfort of being around friends and family, you’ll miss them when you’re gone.

A tip of advice would be to take a little memento of home with you when you leave. This will help when you’re feeling a little home sick and can’t drop everything to visit.

I wish you the very best of luck as you continue on into your future! Be kind and live boldly Bobcats, best wishes!   

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Saying Goodbye