Mother’s Day Recap

Skylar Duffy

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May 13, 2018, signified Mother’s Day, a day in which people all over the country show how grateful they are for there mothers. Bel Air had its own local events that take place every year that which make mother’s day fun for the whole family.

Wilson’s farm market held a Mother’s Day celebration the day before Mother’s Day. This event held a Pitt BBQ truck and live music as well as held a raffle for and wine for moms.

Another Mother’s Day event was the Liriodendron Mansion open house. This was a great place to take pictures that mothers love. In addition, it was completely free to attend. With an extraordinary garden outside and a massive gorgeous interior, this scene was just great for Mother’s Day photos.

“This place is just overall beautiful from the flower bed outside to the amazing arches on the porch, it’s just an amazing place to capture memories,” stated Jenna Cormier, a local mom of two children

If taking photos isn’t your thing the Belle Aire Market is open on Mother’s Day. This allows mothers to pick out what they want and easy access to last minute gift grabbing.

“This was just such a great place to go and get amazing jewelry, especially since I got to pick it all out and not spend any of my own money,” states Kylie Everette, a grandma of three kids and eight grandchildren.

Overall, Bel Air has a ton of options for every mom. Whether you want to take pictures, just have some quality family time, or go on a shopping spree Bel Air has the event you’re looking for. Not only do these events give mothers what they deserve on their special day, but also the events were able to bring the community together.

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Mother’s Day Recap