Fight Back Against Senioritis

Blake Lioi

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Hello Bobcats! We are already half way through the school year but we still have a two more quarters to go. For seniors, this second half can be a struggle for some us due to senioritis. Even though the school year is almost over, you can still potentially fail a class. It would be shame if you failed a class and couldn’t graduate. So if you are struggling to do work, here are some reasons to keep you on track to finish the year strong.

The first reason is to keep working hard because like I said before, you still can fail a class. If you fail a class and you need it to graduate… well then it looks like you will be coming back for the fall of 2018. Do you really want to come back for a fifth year while your friends are starting a new chapter in their lives?

“The way I avoid senioritis is by telling myself that I only have a few months left and that I can do even better in the second semester than what I did in the first.” Senior Connor Ostadali tellsus.

The second reason why you should continue to work hard is because you can still get denied by a college due to poor grades in the second semester even though they already accepted you. That would be terrible to not be able to go to a college that you wanted to go to because you decided to slack off. And the third reason you should continue to work hard is for yourself-pride. Keep working hard and being the best you can be. You don’t want your teachers to see you as a lazy person.

“The effort you put in shows what kind of person you are, and my goal is to be the best person I can be without subduing.” Said Connor Ostadali.

Remember, Seniors only have a few more month left, so work hard and do your best and you will graduate with ease.

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Fight Back Against Senioritis